28th Birthday & Goals

By Richa P


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I turned 28 this month, I am inching closer to 30 but I am not worried. I love birthdays and I look forward to getting older.  I wanted to do something different for this entry since many of the posts on Nepali Chori have been deep. I decided to write something lighter. For this 28th year, I want to accomplish a few goals and be serious about them. So here it goes:

1. I am getting off Facebook for a year. This is going to be hard for me, very hard, but I have realized that I spend too many mindless hours on it and I don’t like that. I will miss seeing everyone’s happy moments but one year is not too long, right?

2. Speaking of the internet, I am going to spend less time in front of the screen, especially after work. I won’t be able to give up Netflix though. And now that all my shows are back I will have to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to them…… this might not work with goal 2.

3. I started taking guitar lessons and I hope to get pretty good by this time next year. I have to commit to practicing everyday and not giving up.

4. Read many more books. I am pretty good at reading books but I want to read more and focus on non fiction this year. Right now, I am reading I am Malala. She is so amazing. I admire her strength, her voice, and her passion for education.

5. Make more delicious foods, currently I am loving all the recipes from Food, Pleasure, and Health and NepaliAustralian.

6. Instead of communicating through Facebook, I would like to send hand written letters and cards to my friends. I love getting snail mail. If you want to be my pen pal, let me know.

7. Spend time working on this blog and making it the best it can be. Please give suggestions if you have them.

8. Work on my writing. Before starting this blog, I never thought I liked writing but I am realizing that I really do. From this blog, I have had the opportunity to write for few other sites.

9. When things get too difficult, I give up very easily. I would like to change this so I am going to work on it.

10. Spend more time outdoors, especially with my dog Kalu.

11. Learn Spanish. I took French in high school and college but living in California, I need to learn Spanish.

12. Speaking of languages, I would like to improve my reading and writing of Nepali. At one time I was decent at it but I’ve lost it all.

13. Eat less sugar. I love sugar, I have a huge sweet tooth and it’s very hard for me to resist when I see baked goods. At my work, there is almost always baked goods and I always take a piece or two. I want to get in the habit of saying no thanks.

14. Try to worry less. I am a very cautious person and I tend to worry about small things. I know I got this from my aama, she is also a worrier.

15. Write down one thing I am grateful for everyday.

So that’s my list. I am confident I can tackle all of them. The hardest ones will be the ones that have to do with habit. Changing a habit is really hard but not impossible. I have always been a person who doesn’t push herself too much, I like to be comfortable all the time. I think it is time that I take risks, do uncomfortable things, and recognize that things will pass especially when they get tough.  I will follow up with everyone in a few months time to let you know of my progress and to hold myself accountable. Wish me luck!

*What are your goals? What habits would you like to break?

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14 thoughts on “28th Birthday & Goals

  1. Rona says:

    Hi Richa— great birthday resolutions. good luck with all of them so glad you will be writing more! I’m hoping to launch a new blog soon myself.

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