Resilience: Nepal’s Greatest Strength and Most Crippling Weakness

Insightful piece on the current situation in Nepal. I (Richa P) have been in Nepal for almost a month. I can see with my eyes what the fuel crisis is doing to the people living here. People can’t cook because they don’t have cooking gas and the price for firewood has gone up. People aren’t able to go to school and work because of the limited amount of vehicles on the road. Hospitals and clinics reporting that medicines are running out. Everyday people talk about the situation, you talk about it with everyone. The taxi driver explains why he is charging what he charges. People ruining their engines buying fuel from the black market.

The people who can afford it have been able to get by okay, it’s expensive to buy an electric cooker and other things. But I think mostly about those who don’t have money or resources, how hard their lives must be right now. I don’t want to think about what will happen as the colder season creeps in, what about the victims of the earthquake who are still living outside? What about the sick patients who need vital medications to survive? All I can say is that our people are very resilient and we are very hospitable. Even with all the tragedies that have happened this year, people still share what they can, people still smile when they can. I admire that the most, their strength, their resilience, and their giving nature. Please share your thoughts!

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