Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

By Richa Pokhrel/@nepalichoriblog

Photo credit: Qandeel Baloch Instagram


Did you guys read this article about the Pakistani social media star who was killed by her own brother?  We women are always cornered into what society wants, what our family wants, mostly what others think we should be.  We are and WILL always be judged for what we wear, what we say, what career paths we choose, who we marry, how we raise our kids, how we do our hair, etc. FOR EVERYTHING WE DO. It’s not just men who judge us, we as women heavily judge other women. As a feminist, I think that women should have the CHOICE to be whoever they want, there is no “right” way to be a woman. We may not agree with someone else’s decisions, but if we want to be free women, we need to stop judging others for their choices. Instead taking time to understand why those decisions were made. I am trying to be less judgmental to those who have different values than I do, especially those women who have different political views than me. 

I want this to be a safe space for everyone, this place is a place where we can be ourselves, say what is on our minds without judgment. So, readers and writers, please feel FREE to be you!

Rest In Peace Qandeel Baloch. Thank you for being yourself no matter the amount of hate and negativity you got.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

  1. I felt so sad to read this news. And I can’t believe that the brother is proud of what he did.

    You are so right; women are women’s worst enemies in most cases. It is hard to change the older generation but hope new generation will see things differently and help each other than bring them down.

    • Richa says:

      I hope so too! I think as humans we are always going to be judgmental but there are various degrees. The internet and social media doesn’t make it easier to get away from hate and trolls. 🙁 So lucky this page has been hate free!

  2. well
    this is very sad.

    I m feeling so lucky so have a good brother with me. always supportive and caring like a Dad.

    Hope this thing changes with time.
    the inequalities
    the difference
    which are ruling us women from ages.

    Not only this!
    I find our cultures too that way.
    that treat a lady like a
    and like a weak character!

    let’s hope for the better days.


  3. Yes, I looked into this news some days ago and even checked Qandeel’s FB page and videos. She seemed like such a strong, free-spirited woman. She was really an example to many, especially in a country like Pakistan where women are invisible. It was so heartbreaking that she was killed by her own family member. This ‘honor’ (ijjat) is a dangerous thing. Women shouldn’t be tied with ‘honor’, and I wonder why it’s only women who are supposed to be the prestige of the family? Where does family’s honor go when that man murders his own sister in cold blood? The double standards and such stone-age thoughts completely baffle me. For a sane person, it’s very hard to understand the concept of this “honor” tied exclusively to women. I struggle with it a lot. I hope Qandeel’s soul rests in peace.

    • Richa says:

      Yes, only tied to woman. We have the same in Nepal where shame and honor are mostly focused on females. I am just baffled that the brother was proud of what he did. He took someone’s life, his own sisters, and he is proud. It really makes me angry.

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