Girls on Periods

Again we hear a story about a teenage girl who has died while on her period. It’s tragic that this still happens even when it has been outlawed. Nepali society needs to do a better job ensuring the safety of our girls and woman. They don’t deserve to die because you are uncomfortable with them menstruating.

We’ve covered this topic before and it’s one that many of us talk about frequently. I am angry and sad. THIS does not need to happen.

3 thoughts on “Girls on Periods

  1. Indeed very sad that lives are being lost. And come to think of it, there is some level of discrimination even in the cities …Among the more “modern minded” Nepalese. There needs to be shift in mindset about periods being “impure”. It’s actually very healthy to be menstruating. Hygeine is the only thing to be worried about.

    • I totally agree with you. I try to talk to my grandparents and others about it, but sometimes it gets lost and they are unwilling to budge. Growing up, my parents didn’t change the way they treated when I was on my period, I cooked for them, ate on the same table, and continued to be in the same room as them. If I was on my period and it was a religious holiday, my parents wouldn’t put tika on me or allow me to go into the puja room. Otherwise, I did the same things I always did. I count myself lucky.

      • Kanchan says:

        I agree very tragic indeed, I remember not being allowed to go into the kitchen and such at my grandparents and aunt’s house but i feel we were lucky enough my parents never enforced this in our own house. I know when i have tried talking about how outdated this is with my grandmother and great aunt they don’t seem to understand or maybe refuse to which is very frustrating. I wonder what would take for this outdated practice to be abolished outright.

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