Gauthalika Kathaharu

Happy New Year everyone! Sending you best wishes in this upcoming year! This year I am going to start by telling you about a new show that premiered on Himalaya TV, a series worth watching! I have a lot of TV shows that I like to watch, I don’t usually watch many Nepali/Indian shows because I find them to be too dramatic and sometimes superficial. They are too much like soap operas and I am just really not into that. Gauthalika Kathaharu reached out to us about posting about their show. At first I was very skeptical because I didn’t think it was going to be very good. Boy, was I wrong! I found the episodes (I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes) to be very moving, and well told.  The issues vary from episode to episode, but it focuses on friendship, love, family dynamics, breaking expectations, and much more. Frankly I am very impressed with it. Did I mention the best part? The series is led by mostly women, both the Executive Director and Executive Producer are women, which is a BIG DEAL!


By Basudha Rai

Great television shows in Nepal traditionally started with the format of having one story ending in the same day. These short stories would end on the same episode leaving an everlasting impression on the audience. Traditional heavyweights like the social drama of Hijo, Aajaka Kura, and Teeto Satya, were at its golden age when they dealt with variety of stories in each episode.

For the first time on Nepali television, we have a female Executive Producer and a female Director on main stream media. Basudha Rai is the MD of Stellar Inc., a showbiz, entertainment and lifestyle company based in Nepal as the Executive Producer and Sahara Sharma, the CEO of Gauthali Entertainment, a production company working on film making, film campaigning, and film educating platform as the Director.

In 2012, Director Sharma’s short film, By My Troth, was the first ever film to be shortlisted from Nepal by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in the Faith Shorts Competition. In the same year, Sharma’s film, Chasing Rainbows, was screened at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF), winning Best Fiction. Director Sharma has a powerful approach in executing her stories visually, a natural storyteller and a nominee of Kantipur Person of the Year. Through her company, Gauthali Entertainment, Sahara has been working with her team, Abhimanyu Dixit, Saurav Rajbhandari and Sahayog Raj Adhikari to create a platform for young people like themselves in the creative storytelling field in Nepal.

In mid 2017, Stellar Inc and Gauthali Entertainment collaborated together to create Gauthalika Kathaharu for Himalaya TV. Director Sharma studying for her Ph.D in Prague came back to Kathmandu to join the project. As a new concept to the Nepali television industry and a young team, the Gauthalika Kathaharu team has struggled to bring in sponsors and without the backing of the older networks, the young team members has been investing in the show. The team is determined to complete Season 1 and continue on to Season 2 next year, gaining more popularity and investors and sponsors.

Gauthalika Kathaharu is a new television series being broadcasted on Himalaya TV and a collaboration between Stellar Inc. and Gauthali Entertainment to bring forth 12 different short stories on characters journey exploring life, love, happiness and passions in 22 minutes. The show has been breaking stereotypes on television, starting with their presenter, Sahayog Raj Adhikari, an actor who has a beard and dreadlocks to their main characters played by a terai based actor and a lead female actress who in the media would not be recognized as the main focus. Each story highlights issues that has not been dealt with before. As a young team, the stories are being scripted to reach out to all generations of Nepali people, as a way to start discussion on these issues. When people start talking, the team considers it to be the biggest achievement as this paves a path for change.

See some episodes here. All episodes can be found on YouTube.

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