We are a group of women discussing topics that affect Nepali women around the world. We created this platform as a way to talk about real issues that we are facing in this current time.  We appreciate the differences and similarities between our individual stories as well as our collective experiences. The posts featured here will be be everything and anything (identity, cultural barriers, independence, politics, current world issues, education, family, living abroad, work, etc).

Our goal will be to publish bi-monthly posts because all of the regular contributing authors have jobs outside of this blog. Please don’t hesitate to join the conversation. We hope this will be a safe space where you can be yourself. Please note that we appreciate critical criticisms but we don’t tolerate hateful words or cyber bullying.

Sometimes posts will be anonymous because we want to protect the identity of the author when things get too personal or controversial.

We are always looking for guest authors, if you have something to say, please email us at nepalichoriblog@gmail.com

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