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Fine Lines

By Kanchan Gautam

By: ​ Emeline Barrea

I peer at my bathroom mirror and notice the three lines on my forehead are back. Usually they stay for a few days if I have been bad about moisturizing and using sun protection, but this time it’s different, they are back and they are here to stay permanently. It seems my body has started betraying the hundreds of dollars I spend on it by starting to age. Normal wear and tear is to be expected for any item be that a human body or a car. After about 29 years on this planet, it seems be slowly showing. Continue reading “Fine Lines”

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Holidays and Beauty

 *Two short blog entries before 2014 is over. Happy New Year everyone!

Wise Compliments by Sanchita N

After hours of applying and reapplying my make up, I finally got ready for a wedding party. At the wedding, I observed women complimenting each other on their saris, make up and hairdos. A bejeweled teenager came over to me and remarked, “That bitch is wearing perfect eye makeup. I will have to YouTube makeover techniques tonight. By the way, I adore your earrings.” After contemplating these comments for awhile, I figured out one disgusting flaw in our culture- the culture of insincere complementing.

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My Nepali Wedding

By Kanchan G

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(Photo credit: Kanchan G)

I recently married my long time boyfriend. We personally chose to do it courthouse style since we both fall under the category of “non religious people”. However, when my family decided to have a traditional Nepali ceremony, I wasn’t too thrilled. I expected it to be over the top, relatives and family friends I had neither met nor had little or no contact with to be there, and for me to partake in traditions I did not care for or relate to. I had always found weddings to be a bit over the top and just a way for people to show off lavish trends. All the stress and planning that is related to weddings isn’t all that alluring either. On top off all that we had decided to have the wedding during Dashain and only had two months to organize it.  During these two months me and my family fussed and planned on different details of the wedding. We found a local Hindu temple to hold the wedding ceremony, looked for multiple venues to host the reception, while doing all this from across the country of the wedding location. Most of the planning was done by my aunt and grandmother, which I was very thankful for, seeing how I did not have half the stress most brides do.

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Hair + Beauty

by Richa P

 Recently I chopped off my long hair for a shorter style. It wasn’t the first time I have had short hair, I have had it short most of my life. I wish I was brave enough to go shorter but there is fear that I won’t look beautiful anymore. I think it a fear many of us have when we want to do something outside of the box when it comes to our appearance. This notion of hair and beauty made me think of the very narrow definition we have in Nepalese culture. The definition of beautiful in our culture is for a woman to be of average height, fair, not too chubby nor too skinny, having some curves, big eyes, and having beautiful long hair. But Nepal is a country that has many ethnic groups who look very different from one another so there is no way that should be what beautiful means. We are all beautiful no matter what we look like. Our movies, music, and magazines need to represent all kinds of girls, not just one kind. Continue reading “Hair + Beauty”