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Book Review: Tilled Earth

By Kanchan Gautam

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While searching for a new Nepali author to read I stumbled upon Manjushree Thapa through some recommendations. She is a fairly renowned author in Nepal, South East Asia and has gone on to write various short stories, essays and novels. After browsing through the collection of her essays, novels and non-fiction books, I decided to go with the short story collection Tilled Earth. I have always loved short stories and how they give us a quick glimpse into a character or characters lives and leaves the rest to our imagination. Continue reading “Book Review: Tilled Earth”

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28th Birthday & Goals

By Richa P


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I turned 28 this month, I am inching closer to 30 but I am not worried. I love birthdays and I look forward to getting older.  I wanted to do something different for this entry since many of the posts on Nepali Chori have been deep. I decided to write something lighter. For this 28th year, I want to accomplish a few goals and be serious about them. So here it goes:

Continue reading “28th Birthday & Goals”