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5 Things, 5 Years

By Richa Pokhrel/@nepalichoriblog


My 5th wedding anniversary in approaching this Friday, October 20th. I was 26 years old when I got married on a beautiful horse ranch in California surrounded by our immediate families and two friends. Three years later, we went to Nepal to celebrate our union. Honestly the time has gone by really fast, next year, it will be ten years since our friendship. Marriage is not always easy, it requires work to make it successful. That work can mean different things for different relationships and happen at different times during marriage. It’s kind of like a roller coaster; sometimes it’s working itself to the top, other times it’s coming quickly down. In any marriage (and any relationship) there are two people who are always growing, but at different paces. I’ve been reflecting on those 5 years and I wanted to share what has worked in our relationship. Continue reading “5 Things, 5 Years”


Diaries of a British-Nepalese Woman: Division of Labour in Marriage

By Bandana Upadhya

Photo Credit: Navin Mistry

Two months after being married to the man I loved, I painfully watched him re wash some of the dishes I had washed, while also listening to him telling me that I should not have put raw meat on THAT shelf of the fridge. Suddenly and surprisingly, I was overwhelmed with feelings of having failed as a woman. It was as simple as that. I began to feel tearful and immediately removed myself to a private corner of the house. Whilst I was secretly and shamefully welling up, I began to feel confused about my reaction. Continue reading “Diaries of a British-Nepalese Woman: Division of Labour in Marriage”

im confident

The Duty of Chiya

By Kanchan G


(Photo found on Bramble Berry)

On this International Women’s Day, I wanted to write about ongoing discussions that happen in societies everywhere. I thought it would be the perfect time to voice a short opinion on gender inequality, kitchen chores, and Nepali culture.

Continue reading “The Duty of Chiya”