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Gauthalika Kathaharu

Happy New Year everyone! Sending you best wishes in this upcoming year! This year I am going to start by telling you about a new show that premiered on Himalaya TV, a series worth watching! I have a lot of TV shows that I like to watch, I don’t usually watch many Nepali/Indian shows because I find them to be too dramatic and sometimes superficial. They are too much like soap operas and I am just really not into that. Gauthalika Kathaharu reached out to us about posting about their show. At first I was very skeptical because I didn’t think it was going to be very good. Boy, was I wrong! I found the episodes (I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes) to be very moving, and well told.  The issues vary from episode to episode, but it focuses on friendship, love, family dynamics, breaking expectations, and much more. Frankly I am very impressed with it. Did I mention the best part? The series is led by mostly women, both the Executive Director and Executive Producer are women, which is a BIG DEAL!

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Identity Crisis: Am I Nepali?

By Rhijuta Dahal/@RizDh

Photo Credit: Rhijuta Dahal

Growing up abroad we heard words like BBCD – British Born Confused Desis (substituted ABCD for Americans), Coconut (brown on the outside white inside) and plenty of other stereotypes that were used to put ‘people like us’ in a box. Back then, I was very much a Nepali who had just been living in the UK for few years, couldn’t understand why I was categorised as such, but then those few years turned into a decade and has now been almost two decades. My identity since then has evolved significantly.

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im confident


By Richa P


(Photo credit: RUMA RAJBHANDARI)

Have you guys been keeping up with everything that is going on with Nepal finally drafting the constitution? The main issue for us women is the citizenship through mothers portion.  What are your thoughts?

Here is a breakdown of FAQs done by the Chaukath Feminist Blog. It is a very helpful read pertaining to citizenship.

I recently read this piece originally published in Nepali Times. It has different views about what the government should do about citizenship.

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