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Diaries of a British-Nepalese Bride: Dear Mother-in-law

By Bandana Upadhya

Photo by Sourabh Virdi on Unsplash

Dear mother-in-law,

What do you think of the possibility of us trying to be friends? Is that pushing it a bit? Ok, how about if we just get to know each a bit better, maybe start from the beginning?

It has been almost three years now since we began our official relationship. We were thrown into the deep end, with no prior experience to draw from. Yes, you were an existing mother and I an existing daughter, but we were suddenly expected to construct a new motherly-daughterly-bound-by-law relationship. This relationship was unfamiliar, ambiguous even. There was no contract to sign, no consent sought, or consideration given. The relationship was imposed upon us. Me, I was reluctantly participating in the relationship. The thing is, reluctance often leads to resentment and resistance. That is where I was at. Perhaps you were too.   Continue reading “Diaries of a British-Nepalese Bride: Dear Mother-in-law”

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Gauthalika Kathaharu

Happy New Year everyone! Sending you best wishes in this upcoming year! This year I am going to start by telling you about a new show that premiered on Himalaya TV, a series worth watching! I have a lot of TV shows that I like to watch, I don’t usually watch many Nepali/Indian shows because I find them to be too dramatic and sometimes superficial. They are too much like soap operas and I am just really not into that. Gauthalika Kathaharu reached out to us about posting about their show. At first I was very skeptical because I didn’t think it was going to be very good. Boy, was I wrong! I found the episodes (I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes) to be very moving, and well told.  The issues vary from episode to episode, but it focuses on friendship, love, family dynamics, breaking expectations, and much more. Frankly I am very impressed with it. Did I mention the best part? The series is led by mostly women, both the Executive Director and Executive Producer are women, which is a BIG DEAL!

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Why So Unequal?

By Rhijuta D


(Photo credit: Rhijuta D)

I check myself in the mirror. What I am wearing is pretty acceptable in the West, but I have to add an extra layer  because I am living in the East. Figure hugging outfits are not what you step outside your house from, especially if you have curves.  Fair enough, I respect the culture and I try not to offend other people’s eyes (men and women).

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Why I Choose to Celebrate Teej

By Nibriti D

*The second part of the Teej series. The reasons behind why this author celebrates and what it means to her. What do you think about her reasons? What are your thoughts?

To me, Teej brings images of red saris, chadke tilharis, and dancing.  My childhood memory of Teej is of my mom doing puja and keeping her barta (fast).  My dad was gone during that teej for some reason so she had placed his picture next to the statues of the deities to complete her puja.  It has always been a fascinating festival for me, with all the chura(bangles), pote (beaded necklaces), and saris. All things that I could not participate in until later in life.

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Written by: Anonymous 2

As I sit down with my laptop in front of me, I think of things I want to write about.  Spoken or unspoken societal expectations and norms come into my mind.  This piece is solely based on my opinion and experiences. I moved to the US in my very early 20s from Nepal.  Moving to a new country came with many differences; different language, different people, different culture, and much more.  It took me some time to adapt to things around me.  Along the way, I have noticed some major differences between these two countries.   Continue reading “Move”