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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

By Richa Pokhrel/@nepalichoriblog

Photo credit: Qandeel Baloch Instagram


Did you guys read this article about the Pakistani social media star who was killed by her own brother?  We women are always cornered into what society wants, what our family wants, mostly what others think we should be.  We are and WILL always be judged for what we wear, what we say, what career paths we choose, who we marry, how we raise our kids, how we do our hair, etc. FOR EVERYTHING WE DO. It’s not just men who judge us, we as women heavily judge other women. As a feminist, I think that women should have the CHOICE to be whoever they want, there is no “right” way to be a woman. We may not agree with someone else’s decisions, but if we want to be free women, we need to stop judging others for their choices. Instead taking time to understand why those decisions were made. I am trying to be less judgmental to those who have different values than I do, especially those women who have different political views than me.  Continue reading “Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself”


Online Harassment of Nepali Women Celebrities

By Pooja/Lost in Pretty Europe 

Photo Credit: SXSW

Media personalities and celebrities often make use of social media to promote their work, maintain their profiles and connect to the people. The opinions general people post from behind their computer screens on social media can often be very reflective of the society. Once I accidentally landed on social media page of a popular Nepali actress and went through her photos and posts. The comments on those photos were appalling. It was a real eye-opener for me to see the mind of many Nepali men (and in some cases, women fans) who posted such outrageously vulgar comments. Continue reading “Online Harassment of Nepali Women Celebrities”


Yes, I Am A Woman!

By Sambidha Sen Thakuri

Image credit: Genius Quotes


Okay, I have to admit, I was raised like a boy. I bought track suits instead of frocks and sneakers instead of sandals. As I was growing up, my friends frequently told me that I was tomboyish. I didn’t know what it meant then. What girl would want to befriend someone with whom they could not enjoy talking about their new dresses or someone who wouldn’t compliment them about the color of their nail polish? It was not that I wasn’t interested, but I had some other interests. This included only a few people in my friends circle.

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Identity Crisis: Am I Nepali?

By Rhijuta Dahal/@RizDh

Photo Credit: Rhijuta Dahal

Growing up abroad we heard words like BBCD – British Born Confused Desis (substituted ABCD for Americans), Coconut (brown on the outside white inside) and plenty of other stereotypes that were used to put ‘people like us’ in a box. Back then, I was very much a Nepali who had just been living in the UK for few years, couldn’t understand why I was categorised as such, but then those few years turned into a decade and has now been almost two decades. My identity since then has evolved significantly.

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Who Am I? I Am A Super Woman



By Nibriti D

To me, being a woman means being a superhuman. One of my favorite YouTubers is SuperWoman and that is because I honestly think that every woman is a Super Woman. Not only are we capable of changing diapers and stocking up the pantry with the correct juice boxes but we also have this magical ability to locate that missing sock or charger.

No, I do not have any human children at the moment but I am a mom. I  have an almost-3-year old 4-legged furry creature to whom I provide unconditional love and attention. My husband and I take turns taking care of her, I take care of her in the mornings and he takes care of her in the evenings. She reminds me every day that I am in fact a superwoman. In the mornings, I take care of her before I take care of myself. I go to work and come back with her as my priority: her food and potty times come before mine. I may be exhausted but I know that she needs her walk/exercise. Even as I am writing this, she is sitting next to me as a reminder that I have done something right in my life. And to me that is what being a woman means: just doing something that you know in your heart is right.

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Finding My Nepali Identity

Written by Richa Pokhrel

When I moved from Nepal at the age of seven to the state of Iowa, I was in shock. We moved during winter, I had never seen snow before, it was cold and wet. I did enjoy the snow though, it was different and fun. My brother and I enrolled in the local elementary school right away. We had to shave our heads because we carried lice overseas. Can you imagine coming to a new school where you don’t know the language and having a shaved head? Not the easiest way to fit in. But luckily, over time, I was able to make friends.  I grew up without having any Nepali friends, though.  Sure, there was my brother and other small Nepali children, but through my elementary and middle school years, there were no other Nepali girl my age.

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