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Short Story Time: Ghosts of Saturday

By Richa Pokhrel/@nepalichoriblog

Photo credit: Richa Pokhrel

Hi everyone! Happy February to you. This year has been pretty good so far and I am enjoying it day by day. The Bay Area’s winter has been comparatively short. While I enjoy the warmer temperatures, I am hoping we get more rain. I am sorry we have not posted any new Nepali Women of the Month interviews but hope to have some your way soon. I decided to share another short story of mine. I’ve mentioned before that it’s always scarier for me to share my fiction work verse my non-fiction writings. Not sure why. I wrote this story after the earthquake and while I like it, I think there could be more words on aama in her spirit form, that needs a little more development. Let me know your thoughts because I am in a rut with fiction writing at the moment.

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im confident

Rough Guide to Surviving Kathamandu

By: Rhijuta D

ktmKathmandu has great energy. This is why there are so many young people choosing to return back even if they haven’t spent much of their life here. There are also a number of foreigners who have chosen to come and live in Kathmandu because of this exciting buzz this city has.

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