Diaries of a British-Nepalese Bride: One Year

By Bandana Upadhya

Photo Credit: Navin Mistry

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary recently. It was a celebration of not only love and commitment, but also endurance and perseverance. Yes I know it was only a year! But even a year of staying married is a big deal these days; we are living at a time where if you master the art of flicking your thumb to the right, you will be sorted! My apology for offending those who enjoy the right-flicking scene and have miraculously found true love through it. Of course at the other extreme there are marriages that face unavoidable tragedies and circumstances which are hard to resolve, so no offence there either (by the way, here is a glimpse at my incessant and annoying need to apologise for having an opinion). Continue reading “Diaries of a British-Nepalese Bride: One Year”


Nepalese Society, Sex and Reproductive Health Education

By Kanchan Gautam

Photo Credit: Aya Kibesaki

Like most children in Nepal I grew up learning certain things were never discussed. One of those being sex, more importantly sex/reproductive health and sexuality. I am sure many Nepalese can corroborate with me on how uncomfortable it is to watch a movie or a show with family members even when it involves an innocent kiss. Things even as simple as that are considered a big no-no and found to be “dirty.” Discussing how babies are made or what steps one should take in protecting themselves from STDs or unwanted pregnancies is never mentioned. Recently while talking to a younger relative of mine, I found it ironic that a society that is deeply influenced by Hinduism, a sexually liberated religion, somehow is culturally very repressed. Many teens and young adults have either no or very little knowledge about sex, reproduction and sexuality. Continue reading “Nepalese Society, Sex and Reproductive Health Education”