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Empowering Women in Finance

By Anuja KC/@AnzKc

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When I first saw an advertisement pop up in my Facebook a few months back, it had a tag line written in big bold letters,“Invest Like a Woman.” That didn’t sit well with me for the first few seconds, but after clicking on the link and going to the company’s website, Ellevest. I was finally convinced that it was not a derogatory tagline, but a way to empower women to invest. I didn’t particularly view this tagline as a negative inference, but I definitely remember asking myself, “but what does invest like a woman actually mean?” After ruminating for several days, the light bulb went on. It was because I didn’t have any female role model associated with being a successful investor that I could instantly think of when I read that tagline. When I was growing up I seldom saw women proactively taking part in the financial decision making in Nepal. It was not very typical of women to take ownership of financial matters in any household and go out an invest without a male’s approval. Based on my professional experience working in the financial sector for many years in the US, most of the investment decision making is led by male counterparts. The current investment systems that are designed by men. Whereas, women are more sensible and level headed to make investment decisions, but we somehow do not idolize women as investors or consider them as our role models in financial decision making. Continue reading “Empowering Women in Finance”

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By Nibriti D

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When I moved to the US, I moved to a small town in Iowa called Fairfield.  I joined middle school with my brother and my sisters came to the US when I started high school.  When I started looking at colleges, I decided that I wanted to get out of Iowa.  Not quite sure what fueled it but I had a really strong urge to just get out of Iowa.  I submitted applications to a lot of out of state schools and was accepted by some of them.  I had applied to University of Iowa as well (as back up, of course, but I did not want to stay here).

Continue reading “Transitions”

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The Mark of Dashain

By Manisha P


(Photo credit: Tejaswee Shrestha)

“What is that on your forehead?”
“’s a part of what we do to celebrate Dashain

Of the many questions people ask me, that used to be one of my least favorite. It involved informing people a lot about my culture, even the parts that I was not even fully aware about. I don’t know why we put so much tika (forehead mark) to cover half the forehead. I don’t know why wheat grass is used. I don’t know why money is given as part of the tradition. I definitely don’t know why we eat goat (absolutely don’t like it). Continue reading “The Mark of Dashain”