Man in The Mirror – Looking at Male Privilege in Nepali Society

*Something new on the blog today! We have a male voice speaking about male privilege in our society. We hope you like that we’ve switched things up a bit. Please discuss.

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Swimming Upstream

By Rhijuta Dahal/@RizDh

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I remember the drive vividly, we were on our way to the airport to drop off our late grandparents after their visit. They were talking about everyone they’d met and how hospitable everyone had been. One of them said, when referring to one family in particular, that they must be so dukhi  because they only have one daughter. To which I quickly responded, why would they be sad? The daughter brings them just as much joy, they give so much to her, and they probably don’t want a son. My grandfather quoted, “even all fingers on our hands aren’t the same size”. I couldn’t respond back, either by shock or because I have been told to “respect” elders, regardless of whether they are worthy of respect, I don’t know. Continue reading “Swimming Upstream”