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The Battles We Fight

By Richa Pokhrel/@richapokhrel

Photo credit: Rhijuta Dahal

I have written a piece before about how we should have more courage to stand up to the atrocities we see in our societies, but lately I have been thinking about battles within our families and  communities. Recently when I was at a relatives’ house, their youngest daughter told me a story about her interaction with another male family member. In that story, she said that one of her uncles had asked her to get her something from the kitchen, she said no and told him that he should get it himself. He was an abled bodied man who could get whatever he desired. I was proud of her because she stood her ground. However, it made reflect on conforming and confronting in our families. Continue reading “The Battles We Fight”

im confident

How Politics Is Hurting A Nation Already Devastated By A Deadly Earthquake

By Agya P


(Photo Credit: Sagar Chhetri)

When I was reading articles, posts, and news links on the aftermath of the April 25th earthquake, I was wary of becoming a complainer. After I saw the first reaction of the government towards the disaster I made sure to not whine about its approach. It is tough for any government to have an effective plan in place when a sudden natural disaster occurs. It takes a while before any government can compose itself to send relief to each and every person in need. But I tell you it is tough not to complain. It has been three weeks after the first earthquake hit Nepal and the leadership seems to be undergoing a deep crisis of empathy.

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