im confident

Sorry Not Sorry

By: Kanchan Gautam

Artist: Ashley Lukashevsky

After inadvertently saying “I’m sorry” for the third time to a former coworker, he stopped me and exclaimed “Why are you apologizing to me? This was not your fault.” This question took me by surprise. I hadn’t realized I was apologizing to this man. Somehow “I’m sorry” had become a staple in my vocabulary and I tended to use it often without a second thought. I was a little flustered and immediately tried apologizing to which he laughed and said: “you don’t need to apologize for apologizing”. Yep, I tried to apologize for apologizing. Continue reading “Sorry Not Sorry”

im confident

No More Apologies

By Richa P

Are you a woman like me who always apologizes for things? Even when you didn’t cause anyone else discomfort  or do anything wrong? I find myself saying “sorry” throughout the day. I say sorry at work, I say sorry while I wait for the bus, I especially say sorry when I am in a crowded place like the grocery store. For as far as I can remember, there hasn’t been a day where I don’t say sorry to someone.

Continue reading “No More Apologies”