im confident

Taking Risks

By Kanchan Gautam

On a cold February afternoon, I looked out the window of my airplane and a sort of nervous calm took over me. I was on a flight from North Carolina to California. It had been raining all day and my tan loafers were soaked from walking around in the rain all afternoon in Raleigh. I had spent the day with my sister exploring the city while we waited for our late afternoon flight. We would run inside stores seeking shelter from the winter rain. My toes were starting to wrinkle inside my cold wet shoes. I was excited but the kind that is filled with anxiousness and uncertainty. I kept thinking what’s my next step and planning, eventually, I decided to stop planning and enjoy that exact moment which I knew I would never be able to experience again. Continue reading “Taking Risks”

im confident

Lessons Nepal Taught Me

By Rhijuta D

It’s inevitable that when you go somewhere different, you see things in a different perspective and learn new things. Even if I had stayed put in one place, I probably would have learned some new things over a year and a half; I am the reflective type, learning various things from different experiences of my life and observing others around me.

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